13 Best Tax Tips for Self-Employed People; Do your employed friends envy you at tax time because you are a self-employed person? Do you think that being an employed taxpayer is much better than being self-employed in USA during taxation season? Are you in panic that how can you lower the self-employment tax in USA? Don’t get confused anymore! Self-employed taxpayers in the United States can get the best tax tips to prepare and file their taxes with Black Ink. The employed taxpayers only need to report income via W-2 Form as compare to the self-employed who have to go through a long list of business receipts. Although, the record-keeping procedure is very diverse if you own a business, but it does not mean that you can’t get tax deductions and benefits as self-employed during tax time in USA. Even, if you can’t afford tax bill this year in USA, we are here to help you in the IRS-compliant manner.

On the other hand, some tax breaks can only be accessed by the self-employed persons that include deduction of expenses after crossing the limit of 2% of adjusted gross income. Plus, your business expenses can be deducted right off the top and you can become a millionaire. The Social Security and Medicare tax of a self-employed person are also reduced by the expenses that are paid in the form of self-employment tax to the government authorities. Start your self-employed business in USA today as you start your business with less than $100. If you don’t have $100 even, you can get the best funding ideas for your business in the United States. Black Ink presents the best 13 tax advice for the self-employed taxpayers in the United States to make the tax time smooth with the best of tax benefits of working as self-employed. Well, these are the 13 Best Tax Tips for the self-employed people.

Estimation of Business Income:

Estimate your business income in the United States by availing the best tax planning services in USA. In the initial stages of tax planning, it is essential for the taxpayer to find out the exact taxation situation of the self-employed. For example, the expenditures are not required to be made if the self-employed taxpayer does not need the deduction. Furthermore, the maximum number of deductions is required by the self-employed in the specific year when he/she is subject to the highest tax rate. So, take as many deductions as possible in the year when a higher tax bracket is expected. This is one of the 13 Best Tax Tips for self-employed people.

Time Your Business Income:

You can time your income to get the benefits of self-employment taxes. Income can’t be postponed by not cashing pay-checks or by instructing your clients not to pay bills until the end of the year. It means that once the income is available to the self-employed, it is subject to taxation. Yet, the billing can be made at pre-set time close to the end of the year to get the advantages. Depending on the tax situation of the self-employed, assets can be sold by them before or after the end of the year.

Time Your Business Expenditure:

At the end of the year, a surge is always observed in case of business equipment sales. Your business assets can start to depreciate this tax year, if you buy them by 31st of December. You can recapture the deduction under Depreciation Recapture – Section 179 to expense the total cost of the asset in one year. Business expenditures are counted as done in the year when they are purchased, no matter if you use any deferred payment plan or a credit card or and don’t reimburse for the expenditures pending the next year. You can lower your self-employment tax bill this year by paying some bills if you are on the cash source. Inventory or supplies that will be part of inventory should not be bought before the end of the year, until they are needed by the self-employed. Until the product is sold, the cost of inventory is generally not deducted. That is another way among the 13 Best Tax Tips.

Medical Insurance Deduction Benefits:

As an adjustment to self-employed income, you can make most of the medical insurance deductions and premiums for yourself, your spouse, as well as your dependents. Premiums for long-term care insurance are included in medical insurance deductions for self-employed. Insurance policy is deductible if it is in the name of self-employed person instead of the business name. Furthermore, if you are a woman and own a self-employed business, you can get 2 tax credits for women-owned business in USA by the IRS.

Keep Simple Organizational Structure:

Stick with the simplest form of business organization structures in the United States that include Schedule C, Sole Proprietorship., unless a partnership or a corporation is needed to be formed. It is among the simplest form of filing & preparing your taxes. Get the best business advisory services in USA to know more about the perfect business organization type for self-employed.

Digital Record-Keeping:

There as a time when you needed an accountant with lots of registers to make the records of your businesses for filing taxes and other purpose. Synchronize your bank accounts with the automatic record-keeping software that bring the accuracy in your legal matters. Try our best bookkeeping services in USA that not only guarantee you accurate record-keeping of your business and taxation data but it can also save your money and time. This is also a one point under 13 Best Tax Tips.

Business Deductions V/S Itemized Deductions:

A good knowledge to business and itemized deductions can give you tax benefits as a self-employed person in USA. Both the adjusted gross income as well as self-employment tax can be reduced easily if you take business deduction instead of an itemized deduction. Therefore, whenever you have a choice, try to deduct an expense or a section of an expense as a business expense. You can always ask us for the expert financial planning services in USA to invest and spend your finances in the profitable direction.

Pay Your Kids & Dependents:

A lesser amount of tax bill is paid by the kids as compare to the self-employed; therefore the amounts can be deducted by paying your kids to work in your self-employed business. The standard deduction shelters the initial $5,950 earned by the child, and any amount above that is taxed at the child’s rate, which is usually much lesser as compare to the self-employed person. It is one of the 13 Best Tax Tips.

Home Office Deduction Benefit:

Some of the otherwise nondeductible expenses of a self-employed taxpayer can be deducted if he/she owns a qualified home office in USA. These include portion of home insurance, utilities, and rent. For this purpose, the IRS has simplified home office deductions that allow the self-employed taxpayers to make the most of small business tax bonus devoid of the pressure of extended calculations along with record-keeping.

Charitable Contributions Advantage:

As a self-employed, you can turn charitable contributions into business expenses to get the benefits. Charitable contributions can be deducted on Schedule C under standard circumstances. However, the charitable contribution will be considered as a business expense if the money is given to the charities in exchange for advertising. A greater tax benefit can be obtained in such by the self-employed taxpayers than that of an itemized deduction.

Self-Employed Retirement Contributions:

To get best tax benefits, you can increase your self-employed retirement contributions in the United States. For this purpose, we provide the best retirement planning services in USA. By opening a SEP, SIMPLE, or profit-sharing plan, the self-employed persons can significantly contribute to the IRAs.

Tracking Complete Business Mileage:

In order to deduct vehicle expenses, the self-employed taxpayers are required to keep good records whether they are taking the normal mileage deduction or other expenses for oil, gas, fuel and other actual expenses. You can try our accurate QuickBooks services in USA to track all business mileage with just a single click. The mileage records must show the complete record of mileage driven, the purpose, and the date.

Alternative Minimum Tax Liability:

Self-employed people in USA can always check for their liability for the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) which is an equivalent tax system for calculating the tax liability without the advantage of certain tax breaks, including substantial itemized deductions. If your tax under normal income tax rules is lesser than your income tax calculated by AMT rules, then the excess will be paid as AMT tax.

If you want to get any further help regarding self-employment taxes and self-employed tax preparation and filing procedures, you can contact us to make a long-lasting relationship for the growth of your business.

These all were the 13 Best Tax Tips for the self-employed living in United States.





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