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Perks of Outsourcing Accounting Solutions

Perks of Outsourcing Accounting Solutions

It’s been years since we are coping up with the digital world. The norms of this era are bit digitalized and we people are always into a rush to know what’s new and what’s next?? Keeping in mind that via digitalization we are getting an ease of comfort, we must have to credit the service providers. Who themselves are diving deeper in knowledge and research to have the best possible productivity to satisfy its customers while building the relationship of Trust.

When we talk about business regardless of its size, the first thing hits on our mind is revenue. Either it’s earned, invested, consumed or returned; all those factors are the attributes of Revenue. To run the workflow of revenue we must have to have a structural system. That structure has to categorize in departments, and one of the main departments is our Accounting Department. Accounting department deals with all kind of revenue transactions. There are many services and system protocols to be followed in Accounting Operations. Systematic workflow can be determined through technology, but to operate those systems one needs employees to cater the services until or unless we get Robotic Services; which can provide us both systematic as well as manual services.

But the good news in this digital world is getting the work done, while you sleep. I swear you heard right as its possible!!

How to get the work done, while you sleep or spend your time doing other stuff??


To get the work done, without hiring employees you must have to follow the below instructions:

  • There are billions of companies who aren’t anymore hiring employees for their Bookkeeping, Taxation, Payroll or any other Accounting solutions. So you also have to follow the same trend while not hiring people for accounting operations. Sounds crazy right?? But follow as instructed to get the results.
  • Those companies, who don’t hire people for accounting operations outsource all the services from 3rd party service providers. So you also can get the benefit of outsourcing your accounting operations from various firms existing.
  • Outsourcing all these accounting solutions can help you in releasing the stress of hiring employees, paying their wages and all other formalities.
  • It also cuts off the cost of bearing all those expenditures; you spend on your employees. As one of the best things in outsourcing is Pay when you need. In nutshell, you don’t have to hire any third party to take over the charge of your accounting solutions permanently. It’s all about getting the services when you are rushing for your Tax Filing and etc.
  • There are much affordable bookkeeping, payroll, taxation, and accounting service providers; who can tackle all of your queries in one go while you sit back and look on to other activities.
  • Another big benefit of outsourcing all the accounting solutions from third-party service providers; is that these companies work on Zero- Error productivity. Means the consultation by these companies is being done by experts who are professional enough to generate the reports with care and without any problems in it. Not only this, some of these outsourcing companies reimburse the amount of charge which any business pays off against any errors or mistakes incurred.


So if you want to enjoy your time while leaving your accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and taxation; Please log on to on and let us serve you.

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Guide to Small Business Tax Deductions

Every living being or a breathing citizen of the United States whether running a business or starting it grips the knowledge of Federal and State Tax Filing. The government of the US is solely responsible to provide the best quality services to its Tax Payers. It also helps the taxpayers while making them understand the need why to pay tax? And why it’s needed. That’s the reason why we have to file tax annually on our overall income.


What brings us to Tax Deductions?

This relationship of Tax Filing is directly proportional to the Payee of Tax and to Earner. For example, if one is the taxpayer, then the other one is the beneficiary. It means the payroll we pay to employees which is an expense to a company but earning for its employees. Expenses of business are actually “deductions” unless personal expenditures are not mixed. For all the new and small businesses, Tax-deductible is a free way to analyze how to reduce Tax Liability when the expenditure mode is increasing every year. That’s the reason why strategic formulation of tax implementation is important for any business to determine the Tax Deductions. For those who are Cash-based taxpayers may have the room to identify the timing of income and expense of the whole fiscal year, while the accrual taxpayers may speed up the cost and putt off their returns.


What is needed to take Tax Deductions?

To comply with IRS Audit, you must provide the following proves for expenses that are deductible:

  • Bookkeeping

To file the taxes, a business should have proper bookkeeping to determine where the money is spent? For example, you have expenditures against buying or selling anything. You must have to have all the credentials required in a proper book form where anyone, anytime can get access to all the details.

  • Control of Records

One of the best ways to control the records is keeping the Receipts and documents along with the expenses occurred. It will not only highlight the exact amount incurred but will also help the person to record the findings.

  • Explanation of Each Finding

You must note that some of the records cannot be updated via a receipt only, which is why it’s mandatory for one to explain why the specific expense occurred. It will give a clear idea to the auditor as well as to honor of the company to separate the mixing of personal and business expenses.


In other terms, having all the updated Bookkeeping, Payroll and QuickBooks can accelerate your Taxation when it comes to filing your Taxes. To know more about Taxation and Outsourcing Taxation Services log on to

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Easy Payroll Outsourcing Services

Employees are the assets of a company, which defines the value how important they are. Considering the fact of importance, human resources to accounts everyone has to take care of them in a way that they should remain in the company with happiness. Any business running on a smaller or bigger scale must have to have the manpower to run the entire system. And to run the entire system, it costs money which is not being spent only on operations but on employees too.

There is another fact that most employers get tired of bearing expenses and to get rid of some of these expenses, they outsource most of the services with regards to running operations. One of these services include payroll processing which has its own value when it comes to employee wages. Bit Accounting is an outsourcing firm, looking after the businesses in their Payroll Processing along with a number of other helpful services. These Services Include:

  • Payroll Processing Services
  • Bookkeeping Processing Services
  • Taxation Preparation and Reporting Services
  • Business Advisory Services
  • QuickBooks Services
  • Financial Services
  • Retirement Advisory Services
  • Free Consultation & Advisory Services

We have a team of Payroll Processing Experts:

Since a very limited time we have gathered trust of our clients, which embarks us for proudly providing the services of being most responsive and service focused payroll outsourcing companies within the industry.  Easy Payroll Outsourcing Services helps the business to manage the solutions while cutting the cost of additional employees to work on payroll processing. Outsourcing the payroll does not cut the cost of additional employees processing payroll of staff members, but also help the business in free advisory and consultation over other employee-related matters. Our Team of experts can help you in your payroll while collecting the data of employee’s working days and their wages; while generating full reports accessing all the attributes of Total Amount of Salary, Days in Lieu, Overtime Charges, Tax Claims, Medical and Insurance Claims and any other formalities prescribed by the Governing Bodies.  We also provide assistance over new employee addition and their payroll services. With a team of professionals we work on Zero Error Productivity, means our reports are generated while collecting data from the employer and handled with extra care. In case any mistake or error occurred in the reports, we do not correct the error itself only but also bear the amount of charge imposed by any governing entity.

To have the best and easy payroll outsourcing services from us, please write to us at . You can also call us at our Toll-Free Number: 1- 877- 220- 5556 as we are available 24/7 in your assistance with the best of our services.


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Run your Firm, with easy bookkeeping services

Run your Firm.

Let us do your bookkeeping.

“Your Data and Our Services”


At the Start

We collect your data including all the financial transactions and compile them in our bookkeeping services. Weekly, Monthly & Yearly database is updated and financial report is generated.

In Between

Our structural system of bookkeeping gathers information from your financial accounts, categorize transactions and create financial statements. Daily routine checks are recorded and simplified with date sheets along with processed time intervals.

By the End

We analyze and generate your bookkeeping in a digital form of reporting for the whole year. You do not have to review your findings, as our package has everything you need for your taxation.

A habit of updating your notebooks with all the expenditures you do can give you a peace of mind in your daily routine. When it comes to business, it’s one of the utmost liabilities to ensure where the money is being spent.

Considering the fact and need of maintaining your records to identify exactly about the profit and loss you have got throughout your fiscal year, we have brought you something interesting which will leave you in the state of relaxation via our affordable bookkeeping services.


Bookkeeping Matters

1. Check & balance on deductions

Did you ever wonder if you have to know the tax code of your business than what will you do or how will you do?? The answer is you don’t have to do anything. You just have to provide us with all the required supporting and we will formulate your check and balance. Higher the number of deductions to claim will lead you to a bigger tax return.


2. Business loan can be easier

A businessman’s wish is always to expand his business, whether He has to take risks or any investments or in other words any loans. In this case, well-kept bookkeeping will portray a clear scenario of the current financial state of your business to the Investors and lenders. It will also allow them to outcrop the financial presence of the business itself to pay off the finance taken to expand it in future.


3. Identifying the financial errors

Are you also the one among others to find out the errors in your financial transactions by end of the year?? If yes, you won’t be surely catching the evil if the bank is mistaken. Banking turns are always bit crucial and if you want to identify the errors months later, forget it. Although the time you will consume in identifying your errors, it will bury you along with your finance.


4. Knowing the money movement

Glancing at your bank account you may find out your bank balance, but the crust and trough in the bottom line will also sketch another graph.  Are you in profit? Are you paying too much?? Any idea?? Keeping in consideration and putting an extra care on your money movement can help you to resolve the mystery of this chemistry called loss and profit.


Looking to outsource your Bookkeeping?

Figure us out….

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Outsource Accounting Firm

Why you should outsource to an accounting firm?

Hiring an accounting firm for your payroll services can be the solution to a lot of problems you didn’t know you needed. There are some major reasons why hiring an external firm is a better idea.

The first important reason is the privacy of your financial information. There are a few things which needed to be guarded in business and on top of that list are the financial records; this information is one thing which you always want to keep private and secure. In today’s world, it is pretty difficult to find someone who you can trust with this information.  Whereas when you hire a company to handle your accounts, they are lawfully sworn to protect any kind of financial information you share with them. This can really give you that peace of mind you would need to run your business successfully.

The second reason for hiring an external firm is the potential to scale up. In a growing business it often starts small and makes its way up, now for a small business it might be feasible to hire a single person who can take care of all your accounting needs for the moment, but as you grow you will need a bigger team, and a bigger team would mean spending more resources on it. Instead of spending more resources, you can just hire a single resource in the shape of an accounting firm, which can manage our payroll, taxation, QuickBooks and cater to all your accounting needs.

The third reason for outsourcing to an accounting firm is that you will not have to train and manage an entire department. When you outsource to an accounting firm, they already know the do’s and the don’ts which may apply to your nature of business, but when hiring an in-house department, you will have to train and manage them, and that will set you back a little financially which can be a bit annoying mostly if you are a new business in the market.

The final tip for the day is that you will be able to maximize your resources. When business owners try to save money by handling their accounting needs themselves, they have to spend a certain amount of time and effort over it. Whereas if they outsource these services to professionals, they can have peace of mind that their work will be done right and they can focus on other things which need their attention more. Think of this as collective growth between you and the firm you have outsourced to. You are helping them to grow by giving them business and they are helping you by letting you maximize your resources.

If you need your accounting services to be taken care of, you can visit our website and for a limited time, we are also offering 3-month free bookkeeping or payroll services. So if you want to focus on the core of your business and not worry about your accounting issues, just leave us a message and we’ll sort it out for you.


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hire an accounting professional service

When should you hire an accounting firm?

There are certain moments when you need to understand that things are not in your hands anymore and you should probably seek external help. So let us talk about when you should reach out for help with your accounting needs.

First off the list to get help for accounting is when your relationship status with your tax situation is complicated. That is positively the most accurate time to hire an accountant. Tax can complicate anything and if you do not have a grip on it, it is best that you hire some help.

The other time you should hire or outsource you taxation issues when you feel like your situation with the taxes is just plain weird. If you have unnecessary complication popping up by doing your taxation, it is time to call the help. Don’t worry, it is not your fault, these complications can come from anywhere.

You really need external help when you are self-employed, just don’t even try your luck on accounting if you don’t know much about, in fact just contact us at Black Ink Tax and Accounting Services.

This goes without saying if you don’t know anything about tax, why are you even trying. You won’t try to fix your car if you didn’t know how to, you’ll probably take it to a professional right? So just hire a professional accounting service to help you out with your taxes, it is the easier much efficient way.

Hire an accounting firm when you just don’t have the time to prepare your own taxes, because that requires time and you need to pay a lot of attention, If your time is more valuable and the opportunity cost of doing your own taxes is important, then just get do the smart thing and click the link above. We’ll take care of it.

So if any of the above reasons we have mentioned are the issues you are facing, it is best to look out for help, you don’t need to think that everything is supposed to be your responsibility, it is always okay and sometimes the smarter thing to do if you acquire external help. This gets the job done right. For more information and services, just visit our website and get in touch with one of our team members at

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What is a Payroll service?

Payroll is a very simple term; it implies the total sum of compensation a business has to pay its employees for a certain time period on a given date. It is one of the main jobs for the accounting department and is usually what keeps those accountants busy.

As always we mention in our blogs, that if you are big multinational company with a proper accounting department working for you, you really don’t need these tips, but on the contrary if you are a small firm and need a small business payroll system or payroll solution, then we are here to help.

Let us start with a breakdown of how payroll works. For this part, our main focus is going to be on payroll outsourcing, many firms or small businesses tend to outsource their payroll accounting to a professional firm, where the employees of the firm keep a track of the number of hours an employee has worked and this information is then given to the company which they have outsourced their payroll services too. Which by the time of the payday is calculated and the information sent to their company so you can make the necessary arraignments.

Payroll outsourcing to a firm can bring in a lot of advantages, the first one being that you have professionals working on your payroll, besides this another advantage is that the ability to get a variety of reports which help in simplifying accounting procedures for your company making sure that you are with the legal boundaries and maintain all the necessary requirements.  These accounting firms which handle your payroll services can also offer you a wide variety of services which can cater to all your needs at the fraction of a cost of what you would have to pay for an in-house accounting department.

As a start-up, small business, or even a mid-sized business whose expertise is not in accounting, it is best for you to outsource these tasks, there are many reasons for that, but most importantly you should outsource because payroll and other accounting services are one thing which needs to be done right and you cannot afford any mistakes in them. The other reason being that you can save up a lot of time. Handling the accounting processes yourself may take some unnecessary training or learning, which might become an unnecessary additional cost, so if you outsource it to the professionals, you will certainly have more time to focus on the core of your business.

With the competition out there, it is very easy to find affordable payroll services for your firm, if you are in New York, you can visit and save yourself a lot of trouble. These companies usually offer a wholesome accounting solution and sometimes if you are first time customer they might offer you free payroll services for a limited time.

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What are Quickbooks?

Time for another accounting lesson, and today we are going to talk about qucikbooks and quickbook process. So quick book is an accounting process which is used to manage sales, expenses and keep track of the transactions which you make on daily basis. These can also be used to invoice your customers or clients, generate reports for planning and tax filing. If you are a small business or a recent start up there are some very useful tips which you can cash in from if you take a quickbook services from an external service provider.

The first tip being, it will be easier for you to manage your sales and income, a way to manage quickbook procedures is to create invoices for your customers. When your invoices are maintained properly, you will know the amount of cash you have received, and what your customers owe you, also known as accounts receivable. This gives you a good look on how much cash you have access to, and how much more is to come in, this information is important to make key financial decisions.

Another thing which quickbooks are good for are keeping a track of your expenses. Since all the transactions made from your business accounts are noted down to your quickbooks, by the end of the month you can easily find out how much you have spent, and on what you have spent the most or the least.

With quickbook consulting, you have one major advantage when compared to doing the quickbooks yourself. Your quickbook service provider can give you some amazing reporting insights through which you can manage and predict your financial situation for the near future, which could be important in making investors report for current or potential investors for your business. These reports can be classified as profit and loss report, balance sheet report and statement of cash flows.

So now that we have told you what kind of advantages you can actually gain from outsourcing your quickbooks to professional, it is better that before you make a decision, about to managing quickbooks yourself or to outsource it to experts, you should weigh the pros and cons of the given options. Whereas if you need more information on how quickbooks can be made easier to manage or you just want to find a solid quickbook service provider, just visit our website and you can have all the necessary information from there.

Stay tuned to our blogs, we’ll have more tips and blogs related to accounting services coming your way every day.

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The Quickbook Blog

Welcome to quickbook blog, we are going to keep it simple small and precise, When a business starts, you might think that maintaining an excel sheet might be enough for you to record all the data, but as the business grows you come to realize that you need a better system for recording your data, and that is where quickbooks come in handy.

You might wonder sometimes that if your quickbooks are providing you with enough accurate information. So let us discuss about what your quickbooks should be telling you. The most important thing you should look for in a quickbook is the profit and loss reports; these are basically the expenses you have incurred with relativity to the amount which you have received from your business. It is a very good insight on your financial standings.

The second reason why you might need qucikbook or quicbook services for your business is because you need to track all the information and be on top of it. Knowing the in and out of your business should be your top priority. Quickbooks help you invoice your customers. This way you can keep a check on what from your inventory has been sold and what you have received in its return, given that you are a product based business.

To wonder if where your cash is flowing and if all the job costs are being listed correctly is already having a lot on your plate, and if you are trying to maintain all those numbers and data on an excel sheet, good luck with that buddy. You have to be smart about all this and use all the correct tools. Sometimes you may think that this certain tool is not your area of authority, and that is alright because in today’s world of connectivity and technology you can always get someone to do all the messy work for you and keep your quickbooks in flow.

To end this article, I am just going to leave you a tip which might make you fall in love with this article, you might want to print out, frame it and put it up in your office next to your greatest achievements yet. So the amazing tip is that you should go to, you will find more tips on how to maintain your quickbooks and other accounting services. also provides you services at very reasonable rates and to top it off, Bitaccounting is also offering 3 month free bookkeeping or payroll services. That’s a pretty sweet deal right there.

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The Payroll Blog

Educate yourself. The more you read the more you will know. Education does not stop at school; if you want to grow you need to continue seeking knowledge. So today let us learn a little about payroll services. Our main focus will be on how you can make your life easier by hiring an external firm for you payroll service.

We all know that a small-business owner wants to take every essential task seriously to keep their business thriving, which sometimes may leave them or an individual overburdened with work. Not only small businesses tend to outsource HR and Accounting services, but the task of managing payroll has a lot of external experts as well who can help you out with your business.

Small businesses can remove any concerns about training and managing staff when they outsource their accounting needs to someone. What an outsourced firm does for you is that it takes all needed information for you and does the math for all sorts of compensations according to the hours of work your employees have put. Payroll services also take care of showing the fringe benefits for your company on the sheets so that you have an exact idea of how much you are spending on what.

Once the external firm has created the whole report of your employee payroll, you are given that information so that you can take care of the internal matters. Payroll services are as good as in-house account department and in fact they cost less. Meaning, you are getting the same quality of work by spending fewer resources on it.

If you want to know more about how you can benefit from payroll services you can always visit our website


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Outsourcing your accounting matters

In all the years, the term outsourcing has gained a bad reputation among the business community, outsourcing usually means to give a job to a person, who may be cost effective and efficient in a job which may not be your core. In easier terms, the business area you are weak in, you give it to someone who has a better grip on it.

The idea of outsourcing can be simple. You outsource jobs all the time without even realizing. If you own a vehicle, often you have to get the oil changed, or a part replaced. You usually don’t tend to do it yourself. You don’t do it because you don’t know how to, and you are pretty sure that a professional will take better care of the job then you can, even if you try your best.

Now when we talk about accounting services outsourcing, the three main services which people usually tend to outsource are, bookkeeping, payroll and quickbooks. These three accounting tasks for a company are usually the most important ones and they need to be done right. So if you do not have the expertise in it you can always outsource to companies like The pros don’t only start at the expertise, but you also get affordable payroll services, quickbook services and affordable bookkeeping services.

There is a whole list of checks which you can tick when you outsource to affordable accounting services. First one to check is that you will an expert and well managed staff looking after you quickbooks, bookkeeping and payroll services. This creates a whole new level of flexibility in your firm which helps it grow.

Let us talk about when you should be outsourcing, so if you are thinking to outsource to an accounting firm, there are a couple of reasons, either you just realized that you are not good at accounting, or math but don’t worry we are not judging, we understand how annoying math and accounting can be, or the second reason is that you just simply don’t have the time to learn how all these payroll, quickbooks or bookkeeping works, or how general accounting works in general.  So if these are the cases, you should definitely outsource, because you have to ask yourself, is all this trouble worth your time.

So our suggestion on the whole outsourcing scenario is that if you are a small business owner, go for it, outsource to the professionals, they can help you with the load and give you some peace. If you think ignoring your accounts is the worst thing you can do, you are wrong.  The worst thing you can do is to manage your accounts wrong.

For more accounting services or tips on how to make your life easier just visit our website

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Should you hire an in-house accountant as a small business?

It is quite normal to think of accounting or record keeping as a necessary evil for your business. But the fact of the matter is that these systems are created to make keep you informed, about your customers, expenses, earning and your general financial status.

The blog is going to be an overview about the tasks and matters which are associated with a company’s accounting and record keeping system. To be successful in a small business, the key is to manage your cash properly, and to manage your cash properly your accounting system should be in a tip-top position.

When you start your business, one of the first few decisions you need to make is to have an in-house accounting department or to outsource it. So in essence you started your business because you knew you were good at something which you want to make some money from, now as long your new business is for accounting services, you may want to focus on the main factor which will be the center of your business and not bother yourself with all the accounting pressure. So the moment you think you can afford outsourcing to a firm, you should. These firms are not that costly either, visit to know more about how much you can get these services for.

However, do keep in mind outsourcing does not mean that you forget about accounting matters completely, by the end of the day it is your company and you have to have an eye on everything so make sure that you have enough knowledge about whatever you have outsourced so when the data is presented to you, you can make out what you find on those reports. Though these firms make it very simple for you to comprehend the results, but you should still be sound about the processes and ways of accounting.

To know more about how outsourcing accounting services mean and how can you acquire these services at a reasonable price, visit

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Choosing The Right Accounting Firm.

Tax season is here, so if you already don’t have an accountant, you might want to get one by now, and we at are here to help you find the right choice. There is a general rule when it comes to hiring an accounting firm. The location they are based at and the reputation they hold compared to their competitors.

The most important quality you should be focused on is their time, ethics and communication skills, because you will need proper communication with them if they are doing your taxes because by the end of the day you are the one who will be held accountable for what you submit to the authorities.

These firms can also bring a lot to the table for you given that they are in touch with the rules and regulations, may they be updated or old, so they can identify you of upcoming tax breaks or benefits from changes in law which a company might be able to cash in on.

Hiring an accounting firm, is as good as hiring an accountant with years of experience, you can be sure that the chances of a mistake are going to be minimal. These firms can help you save a lot of money that too by sticking within the boundaries of professional ethics.

Since these firms specialize in more than one type of field, you can easily go to a firm with any sort of accounting problem and they will surely have a solution for you. Rest assured, make sure you do your proper research before you pick an accounting or taxation firm for yourself because money matters are no joke.

If you want to read more or need some consultation and accounting services you can always visit our website

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Bookkeeping and Bookkeepers

Bookkeeping sounds like just another boring accounting word right? You’d be surprised on how much this small boring accounting word can have a huge impact on your business. Now if you are a multi-million dollar firm with IVY league University graduates working in you accounting department, you have nothing to worry about, but on the contrary if you are a business on a budget or a startup than read the article very carefully.


First let me explain what exactly is bookkeeping. It’s a process which involves the recording of financial transactions of a company on daily basis. These records give you a thorough look on insights of key operations and investments. Now this is important to make key decisions for your business because to make those decisions you need to know the financial standing of your business first.


So now that we have established how important proper bookkeeping is for a firm, lets talk about how to maintain proper bookkeeping. YOU NEED A BOOKKEEPER, yes without a surprise, the individuals who look after bookkeeping are called bookkeepers, sounds magical right? Now it is very important for you to get a proper bookkeeper for your business, because you can not afford any mistakes when it is about the money matters of your business.


Well if you have made it this far into the article, it is safe to guess that the only thing running through your mind right now is where do I find that the right bookkeeper for my business. You do have a few options for that. The first one is that you establish an in-house accounting department. Hire someone to do the job for you, but this solution does have a few draw backs to it is, which are that you might not know how capable the bookkeeper you have hired is. The more qualified and capable they are, the more you will have to pay them for their services. However, you do have a second option, OUTSOURCING. Yes, if you have a restrain on your budget when it comes to hiring an account, you can always outsource your bookkeeping matters to an accounting firm. Not only you will get good bookkeeping services but it will be a fraction of the cost which you will have to pay to an in-house bookkeeper.


I hope now you know the importance of that boring accounting word which we talked about in the beginning of this article. You can always contact us on our website at or social media platforms if you want more information about bookkeeping or accounting services.

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Black Ink Tax and Accounting Services is a reputed firm based in New York and provides accounting services of uncompromised standards. Bookkeeping is our expertise. We have a team of professional bookkeepers who are ever ready to serve you.



We know that bookkeeping is a technical process and we are well trained to carry out this business. Get rid of this responsibility and let us serve you in the best way possible. Outsourcing bookkeeping brings you a multitude of benefits such as:


  • Save money

You might save a huge amount of money if you outsource your bookkeeping services. Getting them done by the masters of bookkeeping in New York you will not need employees to handle bookkeeping in your firm. So lesser the employees, better the savings.

  • Manages time

When you choose an outside party to complete your bookkeeping tasks, your employees can invest their time in other activities that will bring success to the firm at large.

  • Easier process

There is no doubt that outsourcing bookkeeping to the third party reduces the trouble of employee management, hiring difficulties whereas hiring outsiders on contracts and agreements is easier and less troublesome.

  • Stay Updated with the new trends

By hiring people outside the organization to complete, the job brings you close to the latest trends in the market and you get to know the new experts in this field




We ensure you that our Bookkeeping service providers will be responsible to carry out the daily records of your account transactions, bill payments, invoices, customer payments, and other financial details. Release the stress from your mind, as we make sure that you receive daily or weekly reports of all the incoming and outgoing finances of your organization.

Being one of the leading bookkeeping businesses in NY, our efficient bookkeepers also process your payroll and keep a track of payroll entries by date. These details could include employee’s taxes, total salaries and other payroll expenses.


Keeping timely records with business bookkeeping strategies will bring success to your business. Due to good and accurate records, the business owner knows of all the cash that is owed from customers or has to be paid to the suppliers, the profit made by the business in the time span, and the financial status of the company. This will help the manager to make better decisions and work to improve the critical areas of the business.





“Clear concepts lead to grand success”

As a Bookkeeping Services Company, we know the hardships one faces when processing account information and the headaches it brings along. At Black Ink Tax and Accounting Services, we have employees who have a clear understanding of their role and are well trained with all the technicalities that occur during the bookkeeping process, therefore, they complete your Bookkeeping tasks with ease, which reflects their passion and professional attitude towards work. Our pocket-friendly prices are planned to suit your budget and we believe in building good customer relations for the long run!


Contact us to look after your Bookkeeping services and get the burden off your head. We also provide other accounting services and can guide you in making better business decisions too.

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Professional Bookkeeper Services


You can plan a business without a bookkeeper too. However, it is better to hire a bookkeeper to build a strong empire. When the foundation is solid, everything goes smoothly. Therefore, when things are well maintained during the startup, the future process also remain hassle-free. A bookkeeper makes a huge contribution to your firm and makes sure that everything from the business structure to the financial reports is in order. Black Ink Tax and Accounting Services is one of the most famous providers of Bookkeeping Services in New York, we offer our services to those who think big for their business and are looking for professional help.

We firmly believe that your startup needs a professional bookkeeper; some reasons that justify this thought are discussed in this blog.

  1. Better cash flow planning

A professional bookkeeper is trained to carry out the financial chores of the business. He understands the challenges that can occur in the future. As you are busy most of the time, the professional bookkeeper with his knowledge and expertise identifies the financial needs of the business, provide the management with a practical plan to carry out cash flow and presents a report to evaluate the monthly or weekly finances. He makes sure that the cash flow is optimal throughout the work season

  1. Find out the right accounting system for you

There is always a mission behind any business or even a start-up. Being aware of the goal is the primary responsibility of the management team. The responsible bookkeeper identifies the accounting system that best fits your needs. He actually builds a bridge between the present and future and comes up with a brilliant accounting system that works well for you.

  1. Better chances of receiving funds

Working as a Bookkeeping Services Company in New York, we assume that a bookkeeper makes sure all the finances of your business are under control. Thus, you are free from the stress of managing things and ordering employees to carry out a certain task. A professional bookkeeper increases the funds raised by a business which in easier words, brings success to your start-up.

  1. Save time

Time is money! A common issue faced by owners of many start-ups is that they are short of time and are always stressed out. The reason is that they do not make organized efforts to manage bookkeeping. However, bookkeeping is an essential component of your business and is the driving force for start-ups. Therefore, instead of taking all responsibilities on your head, hire a bookkeeper to take care of the finances of your firm and save your time and spend it in planning other aspects for your start-up. In short, having a bookkeeper allows you to focus on other important areas of your business.

  1. Great help during tax season

A bookkeeper shares the responsibility of taking care of the taxes. Because of the workload, the manager might forget the annual or quarterly tax filings. However, when you have a bookkeeper by your side you have another pair of eyes looking after things that you have probably missed. So for a start-up, hire a bookkeeper who can cater to tax-related issues too.

  1. Make better business decisions.

A professional bookkeeper brings many technical tasks on the table in one go such as accounts payables, receivables and tax calculations. Not everyone can accomplish these tasks with so much ease. A bookkeeper also helps you in making effective decisions, which contribute towards the betterment of your business.


Hang on for a minute! When thinking of a start-up plan, do not forget to hire a bookkeeper. Because if you do so you will miss the sky while looking for the stars. Contact us for a talented bunch of bookkeepers for your projects and leave the rest to us.

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