Bookkeeping is a process of maintaining record of each thing including credits, debits and other important financial operations of the company. Small scale business owners usually find it unimportant to maintain updated reports of accounts and finance i.e bookkeeping. They keep themselves packed in delivering top-notch quality products and services. Because of limited resources, they avoid outsourcing monthly bookkeeping service packages on the concern that how much would bookkeeping cost them. Also, hiring a separate accounting team  is a big stress on the business expenditures. However, it is advisable to look for monthly bookkeeping service packages for getting the following benefits.

Benefits of bookkeeping for micro businesses

  • Save time: By outsourcing bookkeeping services for small business, a person can save an average of 230.4 hours per year. Instead of wasting hours and hours on maintaining records, its better to get rid of it and focus on business development strategies. The team can focus more on primary job responsibilities which will assist in expanding and growing the business effectively.  Above all, outsourcing the complete accounting task gives ultimate peace of mind to the owner by keeping himself away from what he does not know.
  • Maximize profits: With accurate daily, weekly, and monthly reports, it gets easy to make accurate financial decisions. An entrepreneur can save up to $45,000 a year from the fixed fee bookkeeping packages. The profit gets incremented by 10% which is a good sign. One can reduce the number of accountants in the firm, also reducing the payroll, benefit costs expenses, and financial cost obligations.
  • Improve methodology for collections: With proper documentations, reporting, and invoicing, the collection rates can boost up to 30%.

Whatever business you are running, it is very much important to know about the financial status of your business. Especially, when it comes to micro business, companies have less budget and should only be invested on important things and tasks. So one should look for the affordable and best online bookkeeping services.

Tip: It is suggested to subscribe with monthly bookkeeping service packages as it is pocket-friendly and effective way of running business operations. 

List of bookkeeping services

These are the common and comprehensive bookkeeping services mainly offered by agencies.

  • Bank reconciliations
  • Credit card management
  • Entering, coding, and paying bills
  • Account analysis
  • Customer invoicing and collections
  • Accounts Payable
  • Documentation for work papers for month-end closing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Sales Tax
  • Payroll
  • Business Bank Reconciliations
  • Attaching documents for audit support and

All these services are taken cared by the bookkeeper. He performs day-to-day financial tasks. He collects and documents the daily sales receipts, invoices, purchases, and payments. The data is also passed through the supervision of the accountant so finds better growth opportunities.

Have a look at the virtual bookkeeping services of Black Ink

Save up your recurring and initial costs by hiring Black Ink monthly bookkeeping services instead of investing in an in-house HR department and unlock the journey to organizational success in USA by outsourcing bookkeeping services to us. It is giant and leading industry of bookkeeping agency across United States.

Black Ink provides best outsourced accounting services to business and individual clients in the United States. Our team relentlessly works on more developed bookkeeping services for micro business to let them meet the demands of today’s era by our cost-effective monthly bookkeeping service packages.

Bookkeeping price packages of Black Ink

We are offering the best affordable monthly bookkeeping packages specially for micro businesses compared to what is there in the market. As it’s our specialty to take care of small and micro business bookkeeping requirements on very affordable monthly packages that are listed below as sample bookkeeping packages:

Basic Bookkeeping Package Standard Bookkeeping Package Premium Bookkeeping Package
Reconciliation of 1 bank account Reconciliation of 2 bank accounts Reconciliation of 3 bank accounts
Credit card management Credit card management Credit card management
Up to 70 Transactions Up to 200 Transactions Up to 300 Transactions
Customized Financial reports Customized Financial reports Customized Financial reports
Support via call or email Support via call or email Support via call or email
1 hour of Q / A support 2 hours of Q / A support 2 hours of Q / A support
QuickBooks subscription QuickBooks subscription QuickBooks subscription
Account receivable for 5 customer accounts
Account payable for 5 vendor accounts

Get in touch with the leading bookkeeping agency of US, Black Ink

Make an initial inquiry with our team experts so that they can get an idea about your necessities and then we create a tailored bookkeeping services solution for your firm. Spend more time in growing your business in USA instead of wasting money and time on papers, ink and bookkeeping and this is only possible if you take any of our professional outsourced bookkeeping monthly packages.

Monthly bookkeeping service packages for small business are always exigent because you have to keep everything recorded and your growing business cannot take the risk of any inaccuracy in the bookkeeping. And, we are here to take care of your business as we are the certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. Choose the best and nothing less for your business. Avail our reasonable bookkeeping services fees to generate accurate and timely virtual bookkeeping reports.


Hopefully, this piece of blog would answer your queries related to which accounting and bookkeeping package is best for a small business or how much should I charge for my bookkeeping services. Let us know in the comments if we helped you in getting a reliable monthly bookkeeping package and agency.





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