From professional bookkeeping services to remote bookkeeping services, Blank Ink provides every solution to your problems.

Black Ink, best accounting solutions in US, has the perfect expertise to fulfill all your needs for bookkeeping. Whether you are starting up a new business or your corporation has grown to commercial scale, Black Ink provides affordable bookkeeping services cost near you in New York, United States. Our professional expert team of bookkeeping accountants has up-to-date knowledge regarding the concerning rules and regulations on bookkeeping provide our clients with timely and prompt services. Owning a business not only brings a raise in your earnings, but it also brings a bunch of headaches for the business owner. Black Ink is here to keep its clients one step ahead of the government deadlines to maintain synchronization in the internal financial system of the clients’ corporation.

From professional bookkeeping services to remote bookkeeping services, Blank Ink provides every solution to your problems that you are having in your financial statements. Although management of books does not seem a critical or problematic task to anyone, but it is highly serious and significant issue which shows its criticality when something goes wrong in the bookkeeping process. We also provide small & medium business bookkeeping service. Not only this, you can also try our bookkeeping services for online businesses. Schedule an appointment with us to get the best deals for your business bookkeeping services throughout United States.

Bookkeeping services in New York, NY:

Bookkeeping Services
Bookkeeping Services Provider – Black Ink

New York bookkeeping services, NY by Black Ink are so unique that cover Federal and State tax filings, withholding of tax and benefit contributions, setting up & maintenance of all records, time card tabulations, issuance of checks, computerized accounts, presentation of client review on a quarterly, monthly basis, forecasting support for budget and much more. Not only this, Black Ink also provides support on the major accounting programs that include QuickBooks. Have a look at the major highlights of our accurate bookkeeping services in NY below:

  • Absolutely Free Bookkeeping Services in New York for first 3 months to our new clients. Keeping a detailed record of all your investments and spending and anticipation of all major and minor expenses.
  • Accurate record of all deposits as well as planning of state and federal taxes.
  • Coordination with state, federal and other related agencies issues pertaining to tax withholding accounts, child support, unemployment insurance, garnishments and any other state mandates.
  • Reconciliation of bank/credit card statements in QuickBooks.
  • Assistance of customized monthly closing procedures as required by individual clients.
  • Preparation of General Ledger, Profit & Loss Reports, Balance Sheets.
  • Preparation of accurate financial statements that mainly include P&L, balance, and cash flow analysis.
  • Preparation of Year End closing report as well as submission of all necessary reports and documentation to complete tax return.
  • Controlling all internal and external inquiries to accounts payable and receivable.
  • Record keeping regarding A/P, document matching, price verification, correspondence with vendors, etc.
  • Fulfillment of accounting and clerical functions such as disbursements, expense vouchers and receipts as well as proper examination of all received invoices and purchase orders.
  • Establishment of procedures to respond and resolve local, federal and/or state tax notices.

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Our other accounting services in New York, NY State:

Black Ink offers the most accurate customized bookkeeping services in New York, NY to its clients that cover small, medium and large scale corporate. Feel free to contact us at anytime and we will be delighted to help your business needs with our professional bookkeeper accountants in New York, NY. Our other accounting services include:

Price packages for bookkeeping services New York, NY:

Black Ink provides the different price packages to our clients. We are offering 3 types of bookkeeping service packages in New York. To get an idea of our professional bookkeeping specialists in NY, we are offering free accounts services for a limited time of 03 months.

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