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Financial Services

Get Individual Financial Services for the Future Prospectus

Are you looking for financial planning association which is very crucial thing for protecting your future? So you come to the right place we have the best retirement planning for the retirees to help faced with the uncertain decision. You will learn many outcomes and important factors which is concern to rate of return on money and why you need any medical directives.

In your mind the mix of investment for diversification which include buying investments like bonds and stocks. Without any plan put your wealth under risky position. Your financial planning is necessary for us for achieving your financial goals and which is fulfill your need to growth all the financial factors.

You’re Representation in IRS for the following:

  • IRS Audit Representation
  • IRS Liens and Levies & Seizures
  • IRS Wage Garnishments
  • IRS Payment Plan


When you have not paid your taxes the IRS establishes a lien against all of your assets like real estates, cars and other fixed assets. They have a legal rights to collect taxes by selling all of your assets.

The lien will against you and your company which include all the receivables, at this point just one step away where lien will take all the properties of you in United States.

Lien is against your IRS on credit report and you will be able for opening a checking account or borrowing against any sort of assets. After that you wouldn’t get any loan for buying cars or any real estates. Things you are paying around 25% of interest on any asset which is more expensive, you can never buy or sell any real estates.

Get the Best Retirement Plan

We provide the best retirement planning services to our customers for helping their investment strategies to meet all the retirement goals when thread is few years away. We help to grow your wealth and protecting your assets and decrease your taxes. We suggest you that where you investment before retirement whether it’s any estate planning and vehicle including wills.

Serving beneficial investment planning services in work environment or at home. We also conduct informative seminar related to financial services at zero cost. So feel free to call us and take an appointment for registration in seminar.

IRS Audit Representation

If you have selected the IRS tax audit, then you may not need the help of tax attorney, need help from IRS auditor for any kind of IRS tax return.

In IRS Auditing taxation return is a big issue for any company whether its public limited or private. Tax audit help to determine that you need IRS audit representation.

IRS Liens, Levies & Seizures


Seizure is picking from the work seizing, and it means that all of your assets will be seized or selling for the auction. It’s something like your cars, home, jewels, insurance policy, funds etc.

Please don’t take it lightly because IRS pursues seizure for all your physical assets. Many media like newspaper and now internet reported stories of citizens being forced out their living homes after the IRS auction.


Levies are the main hazard of your life which makes a lot of damage, a levy is the IRS way of receiving pretty much attention on your happy life. They will seize your wages and whatever you’re other assets you have. Levies includes automobiles, stocks, bonds, paychecks and even checking accounts.

The IRS can take every single penny when you woke up in the morning and be broken, consider what happened that levied liability take away all the necessity that you have effect in life style. Tax liabilities include interest and penalties. Your check will bounce, in U.S. there are over 50% ratio of people are suffering in tax problems.

So feel free to come at Bit Accounting Tax Professional we can help you get out from these levies issues.

We can help to setup an IRS Payment Plan

When at the end of the year something unexpected occurs with taxes. Or maybe you have made mistake or you filled W-4 form for your new job. Now tax is coming your way and your return and you are liable to pay off IRS.


Setting up a payment plan with the IRS is pretty much easy. Your tax professional can arrange for an installment agreement to pay your tax debt in small bites.

Financial Services

IRS Wage Garnishments

It’s also called wages levy, let’s say you received a notice of “intent to levy” 30 days ago you forgot or ignored. Now the day is end and you become payee. Expecting a check, you open the envelope and find the IRS has taken most of the money that you have in your account. You can’t pay bills, house rent, car interest, and you don’t have any money to buy groceries. This will repeat again and again until your tax is paid in full amount.

Become a debtor is less but this is huge financial crisis. No matter how hard this will go. Nobody can help you to sort out in these conditions. Even your boss will not pay you.

Now in this situation we can help you to negotiate and release the IRS wages garnishment by arranging a payment plan. You will receive your whole paycheck amount without any fears of future wage garnishment. It’s not embarrassment for us we can negotiate an amount which is lower than wages garnishment.