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Seminar – How to Start-up business

Seminar – How to Start up business in New York, NY, United States

How to Set up Business in New York
Title of Seminar How to start up business in New York, USA
Date of the seminar 21st August 2019
Time of the Seminar 04:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time - EST)
Location of seminar 1501 Ave J, 2nd Fl, Brooklyn NY, 11230

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1501 Ave J, 2nd Fl, Brooklyn NY 11230
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5 crucial steps to set up business in NY, USA

1st : Whats your (business) Idea / entity?

  • 1a: What’s your topic / industry of the business?
  • 1b: How to set-up the friendly entity of business?
  • 1c: Decide entity by suggestions given according to business type.

2nd : How to obtain EIN for your business?

  • 2a: How can you obtain the EIN for your start-up?
  • 2b: Which type of EIN should you get?
  • 2c: What things are needed to get EIN?

3rd : How to get corporate / business account?

  • 3a: How to open the bank account for your business?
  • 3b: Which type of bank account is required?
  • 3c: What documentation is needed for the account?

4th : How to obtain license for your business?

  • 4a: The easiest way to get the license for your business?
  • 4b: What are the files / documents needed for business license?
  • 4c: Which type of license should you get for your business?

5th : How to get the business insurance?

  • 5a: How to protect business with the insurance in NYC?
  • 5b: Documents needed for the business insurance?
  • 5c: What type of insurance is best for the business in NY?


So, these were the 5-key points that will be fully elaborated by Mr. Rehan Usmani about how to start up business in New York, from base of the business from entity signup to to the advanced, obtaining EIN and Insurance level, how to be protected by the hurdles that you might face in your business and how to resolve them.