The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) presents the facility of online seminars from 2019. At IRS Nationwide Tax Forums for the taxpayers and other related personnel in the United States. If you are tax professional in the United States, you just need to take seminars that are recorded in the year 2019 at IRS Nationwide Tax Forums in order to gain a continuous expansion of your education credits online.

How to Participate In IRS Online Seminars:

  • Visit the IRS Nationwide Tax Forums Online website to become a participant of the newly listed seminars.
  • Currently, the IRS has made the availability of 15 new self-study educating seminars on its Nationwide Tax Forums online.
  • Being a participant of these IRS self-study online seminars, the tax professionals in USA can get knowledge regarding different topics by means of PowerPoint slides, interactive videos and synergistic transcripts.

Topics of IRS Online Tax Forum Seminars 2019:

The 2019 IRS Nationwide Tax Forum Online Seminars cover a long list of important and informative topics that can surely aid tax professionals throughout the United States in different fields of accounting and taxation in USA. The main topics of IRS 2019 online forum seminars include:

  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Update: Qualified Business Income Deduction (Section 199A) and Opportunity Zones – Real Estate Investment Trust REIT Dividends.
  • Highlights of 2019 Tax Law Changes – Plenary Session.
  • E-File Identification Number (EFIN) Security Responsibilities.
  • Understanding the Circular 230 Disciplinary Process.

How to Earn Credit with IRS Online Forum Seminars:

  • The online forum seminars by IRS are registered with the IRS Return Preparer Office and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy as an experienced sponsor of continuing education.
  • These seminars will facilitate a number of tax professionals in the United States to earn continuing education credits. The examples of tax professionals who can participate in these IRS online seminar forums 2019 include CPAs. Enrolled Agents and Annual Filing Season Program participants who can participate for a fee to earn credits.
  • In order to earn credit from IRS online forum seminars 2019, the participant is required to create an account. After creating account, the tax professional participant answers review questions throughout the seminar. Which are followed by passing short tests that are conducted at the end of the seminars.
  • IRS nationwide tax forum online seminars 2019 has the audit without any cost, for free. For this purpose, seminar participants who choose to audit are not allowed to have access to the review questions. As well as final examination of the online seminars. Plus, they will not receive any kind of credits at the end of the seminar.

For our readers, we like to mention that IRS also provides access to many other online seminars and forums from the previous year that are available on the same website. If you need any help regarding best accounting and taxation solutions in USA, you can contact us to get the best deal for your business and life.





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