Since 2000, Black Ink has been a leading payroll & HR services provider in USA including New York, New Jersey, Texas, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and other cities. All our payroll processing services & accounting services have the same elevated level of reliability and accuracy. Hand-over your payroll accounting services for small, medium & large scale business and we can make your work done as per your specifications. We are providing the same great payroll services right from the start of our journey. We have a large array of payroll packages and services for our clients that have more resources for you than ever before. Our professional payroll experts provide a complete support to your company’s HR team. Our customized NYC payroll preparation services are dynamic and flexible that can change along with your business model.

Our payroll & accounting services are reliable, comprehensive and affordable that provides personalized payroll service to individual as well as business clients. We are expert to provide accounting & tax preparation services throughout NY, USA. We have a great deal of payroll services for small business in New York that include hire reporting, time-off management, pay types and schedules, direct deposit, compensation insurance for employees, HR services, time & attendance record, wage garnishment, retirement planning & savings etc. Our clients are making most of our quarterly payroll tax filings & deposits service, NY for the on-time filing of their state and federal payroll tax forms as well as tax liabilities deposits. Payroll processing can be integrated by QuickBooks to provide a GL-interface which is user-friendly and explanatory.

Black Ink’s accounting services in New York can take care of all the deep and exclusive details of your payroll processing with accuracy and clarity. For your convenience, we are also providing free bookkeeping services throughout USA in different states from New York to New Jersey. Free payroll services are available to new clients for 3 consecutive months. So, from now on, stop spending your time in performing payroll procedure and utilize this time for the growth of your business. Make an inquiry with us to get the free accounts consultation for business payroll in NYC.

In your payroll processing journey, choose Black Ink as your professional payroll service provider in USA to get the following benefits:

Payroll Direct deposit:

Black Ink’s direct deposit payroll service in New York, USA has made the lives very easier for both, the employer and the employee. Payroll direct deposit facility by Black Ink has literally minimized the time required for the complete payroll process. Not only time, direct deposit payroll feature has also reduced the cost and expenses for the preparation and reconciliation of paychecks of employees. You can save your time and money along with confidentiality about the paychecks’ details. With free checking of employees, you can also get a chance to develop better business banking associations. Direct deposit payroll service provides convenience and resolves the hectic of paycheck distribution, thus satisfies employer as well as the employee. It is a secure method as the employees cannot lose his check or cash on way to bank. We have the same day direct deposit payroll service without taking any extra fee. So what are you waiting for? Make your payroll paperless, today with us!

Payroll Pay Card:

Payroll Pay Cards work as payroll prepaid card. We provide payroll paycard service to our clients that are best suitable for that bank-less employees who do not own any bank account or who do not want to have or use any personal bank account. Payroll paycard functions similar to a prepaid debit card in which the monthly salary or wages of the employee is transferred on salary check or salary direct deposit pay date. Payroll pay cards can be used at various point-of-sale & shopping centers to make payments and cash withdrawals at banks & ATMs as per their needs. The added security is provided via PIN protections. Employers also get the mutual benefit of payroll debit card service by saving time and money for printing & delivery of checks.

Scheduled Payroll reporting (weekly & monthly):

We provide complete payroll reporting service on weekly and monthly basis, as required by specific client. Let us make your payroll services easier with the professional payroll accountants who can help you to track and withhold all necessary payroll detailed reports. We provide exclusive access to our clients in the secure online client’s portal for payroll reports where they can view all types of customized payroll statements. We are offering weekly and monthly real-time payroll reporting services that are enough for our clients’ satisfaction. You can get the help of our payroll reporting accountant to make a customized payroll report with the exact information and details that you want us to provide for you. We have a list of payroll reports service that include payroll & check registers, payroll summary, payroll details, tax liability and cash requirements, labor tracking, payroll deductions & contributions, employee time activities details, employee directory, employee pay reports, payroll tax payments, payroll tax liability report, payroll tax & wage summary, vacation & sick leaves, pay-as-you-go workers compensation, retirement plan, total payroll cost, paid time-off, over-time, payroll billing summary, and much more. We provide anytime preview of your online payroll reports via online portal.

Payroll general ledger interface:

We provide all payroll services in New York, USA that are integrated with the general ledger of your organization. It is an advantage for our clients as they can get all payroll information directly into their main accounting system that tracks all financial assets, expenses, revenues and liabilities. A general ledger interface can help this integration which is the main characteristic of our payroll services in United States. Increase your efficiency and reduce the cost by availing our general ledger interface payroll processing services that does not require any third party for data entry. Through our convenient general ledger payroll interface, there is no need of importing or exporting data as you can get access to payroll reports and online payroll data entry portal that can integrate with any accounting software including QuickBooks.

Payroll new-hire reporting service:

It is mandatory by Federal laws that every small, medium and large scale business employer must comply with the new-hire reporting requirements, USA of the specific state.  Federal laws also mandate all states for the conformation of new-hire reporting information that minimally includes each new hire’s name, address and SSN along with the name, address and federal employer ID number of the employer. Now, it depends on the individual state to assemble the set of new hire reporting information that may include new hire’s date of hire, date of birth, state of hire, etc with variable deadline of reporting. Any failure to new-hire reporting shortly after the hiring process can lead to costly penalties for employers. Therefore, it is necessary for the employer to stay up-to-date with the new-hire reporting laws, guidelines and filing deadlines etc. As a value-added service to our payroll processing in USA, we also provide new-hire reporting compliance, as we already maintain and update your employee relevant data. We provide new hires & rehires reporting service for the employer clients that can automatically generate reports for them weekly and monthly. We also provide timely and accurate filing of new-hire reporting to the suitable state agency in USA to take care of your payroll & tax filing requirements in America.

Payroll Check Signing and Stuffing:

By availing Black Ink’s affordable accounting services, you do not need to be present at your workplace to signature the paychecks. We provide check signing & stuffing services for employers to make their lives be free of the un-necessary hectic. We can put the authorized digital signature of the employer on the paychecks. Not only this, we can also stuff and seal them automatically for confidentiality and security purpose. So enjoy a hassle-free working environment without being available at office at payday to sign, stuff and seal your employees’ checks. We can let your employees getting paid by providing digital signature & check stuffing & sealing service with payroll processing.

Payroll reconciliation service:

We provide reconciliation service for payroll expenses in USA that ensures that all the accounting data and records are accurate regarding employee’s salary, other workers’ wages, business liability, withholdings and deductions etc. After every payroll cycle, it is ensured that payroll figure comply with the payroll expense figure. Along with it, our payroll reconciliation services also make sure the accurate account balance along with the rectification of errors in accounts. The balance of other related payroll ledgers is also confirmed with the salary expenses and gross pay expression.

Payroll and accounting services on PC, Mac & mobile:

Our payroll services can be accessed by the employers on all portals including PC, Mac and Mobile. So whether you are working on a computer or a laptop, either you have an android smartphone or an iPhone, whether your Mac iOS or tablet’s windows version is updated or not, our payroll services online portal can be accessed remotely and securely on any device and medium with the most accurate and user-friendly GL interface that is the superior demand of all novel business holders.

Contact us today to get the best payroll processing services as well as payroll tax filing services in USA. Also visit Black Ink’s Payroll Blog section to get all the latest updates in the payroll industry of federal and state divisions in New York, USA.