Black Ink provides all solutions to payroll tax services from New York to New Jersey, throughout USA. All the employers in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and other states and cities in U.S.A. It is required to fulfill the rules and regulations set by local, state and federal tax agencies. These responsibilities are a source of compensation for their employees and include payroll tax, tax withholding, tax deposits, tax reporting as well as tax payment bills to the specified agencies in respective states of USA. Black Ink provides the payroll tax services that ease its clients to file and pay all payroll taxes in USA securely and accurately without contacting any third-party agent or without visiting any taxation agency. We offer complete solutions to payroll tax management to corporate employers as well as payroll service industry. Join hands with us today and see what we can do for you in regards of payroll tax services anywhere in America. Get free consultation on payroll taxes in New York at anytime with Black Ink.

Payroll taxes are critical to understand. As a business owner, you do not have time to understand with-holdings to plan payroll taxes. Prompt understandings of what are payroll taxes and how payroll taxes work in USA is necessary to pay accurate amount of payroll tax. For the better management of your business, it is also necessary for you to know the consequence of late filing of payroll taxes that can cause heavy penalties for the business holders. So, management of payroll taxes can become a complication in running business. We take this responsibility to calculate and file local, state and federal payroll taxes in New York, USA for our clients. We also check various payroll tax forms in compliance with the government. Our professional certified payroll accountants accurately and promptly file and pay the employer taxes, on time. Book an appointment and see what we can do for your payroll processing & payroll taxation services & packages in New York.

Black Ink provides complete accounting solutions for small & large businesses in New York. We are professional in offering affordable payroll tax management services in USA that helps the business owners to fully focus on their business by providing full-service payroll management outsourcing services. We work accordingly with the specific tax agencies and file the required tax returns in the right format on time as we are updated with the rules and regulations of individual tax agencies in United States. Not only this, we also pay your tax liabilities on time as per the deposit frequency and tax rates of specific tax jurisdiction of your state. We have QuickBooks services in New York, USA that can accurately report your payroll quarterly returns in USA to the government.

We provide best payroll & taxation services in New York and throughout USA, no matter which nature of business you are running. We fully comply with all the tax laws in USA that mainly include federal and state individual income tax, withholding tax, Social Security and Medicare, sales tax, payroll taxes as well as other business taxation. We simplify payroll tax compliance by providing the list of payroll tax benefits for our clients in United States. We work within deadline to automatically generate, pay and file your payroll taxes. Not only this, we also file new hire reporting, unemployment and withholding returns and pay your payroll taxes directly to the government on time, without any third party involvement. For audits, we also provide our clients with the totals and confirmation amounts that we get directly from the government taxation agencies.

We are also providing free payroll & free bookkeeping services to our new clients for 3 months. Contact our representative today to get the best consultancy on payroll tax services in USA, form New Jersey to New York.

W-2s and 1099s:

When you hire employees and contractors, W-2s and 1099s are the tax forms that you need to use. For the deduction of payroll taxes, two different payroll tax forms are used for different types of employees. These are 1099s and W-2s tax forms for employees. A W-2 tax form is used for those employees who are hired by the employer under a business agreement and the employer withholds payroll taxes from their earnings. On the other hand, a 1099s or 1099-MISC tax form is used for those employees who are self-employed independent contractors and receive payment in according with the contract and pay their own employment taxes. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, there are no such strict guidelines or tests to discriminate and identify a contractor or an employee. IRS strictly instructs the employers to classify their employees correctly as any misclassification can cause severe penalties to them. We fully deal with all legal requirements (behavioral, financial, type of relationship) for the employee status to file the tax form 1099s and W-2s, as per the nature of the employee.

A W-2 tax form is needed when an employee is hired. For filing W-2 tax form, the employer report the taxation jurisdiction about the compensation paid to the employees. This compensation is used to withhold payroll taxes. Employer’s payroll is used to pay employees with W-2 payroll tax form and their payroll taxes are withheld throughout the year. All the employers are required to mail and file W-2 forms to their employees by January 31st of each year. Black Ink handles the W-2 payroll tax form filing services in New York, USA.

A 1099 tax form is needed when an independent contractor is hired. A 1099-MISC tax form is comprised on number of documents that are used by employers to report payments that are made to an independent contractor on work during the last year of service. The employers are required to file 1099-MISC (Copy A) with the IRS by January 31st of each year. Along with it, employers also send a 1099-MISC (Copy B) to the contractors (who get paid $600 or more in a calendar year). After filing complete 1099-MISC forms, an additional Form 1096 is filed to the IRS that contains summary report of all the 1099s. Filing 1099s electronically exempts the need to file a 1096.

The process is more complicated than it sounds. Therefore, surrender your 1099s & W-2 payroll tax management services to Black Ink and run a stress-free business. The first thing is setting up the system that manages the hiring and classifications of employees for making them pay. Whether you have only independent contractors (1099), or only employees (W-2) or both of the employees and contractors, Black Ink can manage your employees for the easy payroll tax processing. We simplify all payroll tax operations to save your time and money. We have established systems to file W-2s and 1099s that is integrated with the timecards, sick leave, wages, etc of your employees. We have additional facility of direct deposit to employees & contractors. From payroll tax calculations for W-2 employees as well as the creation of 1099-MISCs for contractors, we are professional in complete payroll tax forms filing services in New York, USA.

Payroll Tax Filing:

Payroll tax filing can radically impact on the overall triumph of your business. Running a business in New York is not easy as different tax jurisdictions act directly and indirectly on your corporation. Payroll tax fling requires expertise and complete know-how to the guidelines of the specific local, state or federal law agency in the individual state of United States. How to file payroll taxes is not an easy question. Black Ink provides federal payroll tax filing services in New York State, USA that include federal income tax withholding (W-4 form), Federal Insurance Contribution Act – FICA taxes (Medicare tax, Medicare surtax and social security tax) & Federal Unemployment Tax Act – FUTA taxes (unemployment compensation benefits).

We also provide state and local payroll taxes filing services in USA that mainly include State income tax withholding, State Unemployment Tax Act – SUTA taxes (State unemployment tax) & additional state and local payroll taxes (disability insurance payments, family leave payments, etc). We help you stay in compliance with federal, state, and local requirements of payroll tax filing in United States that includes reporting and payment of employer payroll taxes to the federal, state, and local government agencies, filing of payroll tax returns in reference to tax deadlines, calculation of employee payroll tax share to withhold that amount form their paychecks during each payroll cycle, provision of tax documentation i.e. W-2, 1099s, new-hire reporting via Tax Form 941, Tax Form W-3 to Social Security Administration, Employment Eligibility Verification via Form I-9, etc.

So, Black Ink is the ultimate house of all your payroll processing needs in New York, Payroll quarterly services in USA as well as complete payroll tax filing services in New York, USA that cover tax withholding, tax filing, tax depositing, tax payments, tax documentations, tax reporting, and much more.

Payroll tax payment reporting:

Black Ink provides complete payroll tax reporting services in New York and other states of USA to its clients. We report and pay all of your payroll taxes in USA on weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually basis to the appropriate local, state and federal taxation agencies. Tax reporting frequency differs on the basis of your individual corporation tax liabilities and we fully take care of it as late tax reporting to the appropriate tax jurisdiction can lead to costly penalties to the employers. Our payroll tax deposit report to the employers contains all the details of payroll taxes that we have deposited on your behalf to the tax agencies. We also generate and provide customized payroll tax reporting services that include tax agency name, date of tax filing, amount of tax payment bill, payroll period, tax liabilities, etc. We also report on behalf of our clients as employers are also required to report employment taxes to the IRS. Filing and reporting of Form 941 to IRS is necessary each quarter that is the employer’s quarterly federal tax return to the appropriate taxing jurisdiction.

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