Black Ink is the house of complete sales tax audit & representation services in United States that can help its clients for the mitigation of risks of sales taxation as well as stress related to sales tax audit in USA. Sales tax audits, also known as ‘use tax audits’, are undesirable happenings that take a lot of time and attention of the business owners. Preparing for your sales tax audits by your own can be intimidating and threatening because lack of knowledge of sales tax business taxation audits can cause you problems in the form of penalties and fines. Black Ink, the house of taxation & accounting services in USA, has a dedicated team of professional and experienced accountants that are working solely for providing sales tax audit services and sales tax representation services in United States. You can trust us as we have a long list of satisfied clients. We can work for your sales tax audit to represent on your behalf to the state tax and revenue agencies and auditors for the deduction and even elimination of the assessment that your company is facing on sales & use tax by the government legislation.

Get Sales Tax Audit Service for your business

Black Ink has an algorithm to provide sales tax audit services where we work for your sales tax audit defense by combining the joint effort of overall procedure that consists of two approaches. At first, we review the schedules and work-papers of the state agencies to make it sure that any deficiency or liability is identified in your case. Then, we quantify all the major sales and use tax refunds and include them in the audit report. Most of the time, lack of documentation is the main cause of your sales and use tax audit. We provide sales & use tax preparation and filing services in USA where we provide complete and accurate documents and records to the clients which enables the state auditors to eliminate the chances of erroneously taxed items. Avail our bookkeeping & accounting services in USA where we maintain the accurate record of accounts payable, accounts receivables, invoices, and all other related documentations. Availability of proper supported documents runs a smooth audit and you resolve it without being found culprit.

Main Features & benefits of Sales Tax Audit Services:

  • Complete sales tax audit support and transaction taxes compliance.
  • Identification of over payments to create refunds for the clients.
  • Complete defense to the taxpayer clients in the sales tax audit.
  • Generation of waiver from the state tax penalties by undergoing successful sales tax audit.
  • Reconciliation of transaction tax liability with general ledger accounts on PRE-defined basis.
  • Investigation & analysis of fluctuations in tax payments as well as maintenance of accurate tax-ability decisions.
  • Building up a strong case file for the sales tax audit and to appeal the ideal issues in favor of clients.
  • Management of flow of information between the clients and state taxation authorizes regarding sales tax audits.
  • Smooth, accurate and comprehensive responses from the state agencies in the course of sales tax audit services.
  • Maintenance of tax information and related records used in sales tax audits.
  • Sales tax audit defense services including sales tax audit coordination, sales tax audit representation, sales tax audit tax-ability determination, sales tax audit sampling evaluation & analysis, sales tax audit appeal, sales tax audit review, etc.
  • Reconciliation of information and requested data in sales tax audits.
  • Resolution of sales tax audit issues as well as sales tax audit defense services.
  • Continuous monitoring of changing laws and regulation regarding sales tax in United States.
  • Determination of accurate taxability of customers and transactions.
  • Clients’ interface for the determination of the validity of tax exemptions.
  • Collection of sales tax data as well as its review for the compliance.
  • Preparation and consolidation of monthly sales tax data files for the tax return compliance process.
  • Reconciliation of sales and use tax balance sheets and accounts.
  • Compilation of sales tax audit data including sales and use tax returns, sales tax exemption certificates, fixed-asset purchases, non-asset expense purchases, etc.
  • Assessment of the business transactions so that all business transactions are done correctly, thus not violating any taxation law.
  • Surety to the clients that they will pay only fair share of their sales tax returns.
  • If necessary, meeting with dispute resolution officers, auditors, administrative hearing attorneys and other associated agents to bring favorable results for our clients.
  • Capitalization on all valid exemptions of sales tax for the clients.
  • Sales tax recovery services by giving heavy lifting that mainly includes scheduling of claims, scanning and pulling of files, working in collaboration with states for sustaining documentation and record keeping.

Tax Audit Representation Services, USA:

Contact us to get the complete sales tax audit representation service in USA that comes with expert sales tax audit defense services for the full-proof protection of your legal rights. We have a successful rate to secure the results in your favor during your USA sales tax audit process. We work effectively and efficiently for providing post sales tax audit analysis services that can further strengthen your taxation structure. We set up 100% accurate sales tax QuickBooks for your taxable as well as non-taxable transactions to keep spotless taxation record for your business.

Our sales tax audit agents at Black Ink also work for the identification of those over payments that yield sales tax refunds to offset penalties and liabilities and these are often overlooked by the state sales tax auditors. In our sales tax audit services, we identify and include those overpayments data. The identification of refunds on time during a sales tax audit in USA is very valuable as they provide offset to the liabilities found by the state agent. Furthermore, we also work for the development of a sales tax audit plan that we self-review initially for the identification of both areas of opportunities and exposure. We do not let our clients to talk to the auditors; rather we communicate with the sales tax auditors on behalf of our clients. We boast a verified track record of turning early audit assessments into refund recoveries from the feedback and reviews section. Nothing could be more satisfying than to receive a refund check from the state for overpayment of taxes instead of owing unpaid sales and use taxes to the state government and we make it possible for our partners.

Audit Consultation Services, USA:

If you need expedient and practical sales tax audit consultancy services for your company in United States, our accountants’ team can be your professional sales tax representative for the evaluation of your liabilities for paying sales and use taxes. During sales tax audit consultation and advisory services, we provide comprehensive details of your state and local taxes. If your company is involved in selling a service rather than a product, then we can guide you in the best manner as a sales tax is not imposed on services in most states of USA. Those states that do charge sales tax on services have very complex guidelines for the determination of compliance of your company for sales tax. The interpretation of these guidelines is very difficult, thus as a business owner, your company is at risk of a sales tax audit in USA. You can get rid of sales tax audit risk by booking an appointment with us to get complete sales tax representation services in United States.

If you have a retail business in US, then no doubt, sales tax should be the critical concern for you to prepare for business taxation in USA. Your company is at greater risk of sales tax audit if you do not prepare and file your sales tax accurately on time. We not only provide consultation on sales tax audit preparation along with other sales tax audit services, but we also help our clients for the accurate timely filing of sales tax as well as proper sales tax bookkeeping of complete business transactions. To handle all types of state tax laws, our sales tax audit consultancy services will help you to remain up-to-date and compliant. You focus on generating sales for your business and we are here to represent your sales tax audits anywhere in United States, from NY to NJ and all across USA, with the completion of necessary documents and forms for sales tax audit.

Tax Audit Defense Services, USA:

Sales & use tax laws and regulations are complicated in each state of United States. Therefore you need proper tax preparation as well as tax planning for your sales and other taxes. Currently, 45 states along with thousands of local authorities are involved in imposing sales and use taxes. Many of them have conflicting and complex status about their regulatory authorizes as well as to the percentage owed as sales tax in each state. For the recovery of lost revenue from in-state buyers, several local and state authorizes in United States are actively conducting sales tax audits for the out-of-state businesses. These issues are supplementary exaggerated by the latest new economic nexus rules that are especially meant for e-commerce and digital services companies in USA. We have network of sales tax auditors in USA to provide a range of sales tax audit services. Stop wasting a single penny on sales tax for a non-taxable transaction by making a free inquiry with us.

Our exclusive sales tax department experience as well as sales & use tax industry exposure enables us to provide complete sales tax representation services & support to our clients, as per their tailored needs. You can consult us for sales tax audit representation, sales tax audit services, reverse sales & use tax audit services, sales and use tax nexus review, sales and use tax compliance, sales and use tax audit outsourcing, Exemption Certificate Management, product & service taxability review for sales tax audit preparation, indirect tax automation, voluntary & amnesty disclosure registration, sales & use tax audit training, and much more that you want for your specific sales tax audit needs in USA.

We provide expert sales tax audit services and representation throughout United States for the assistance of our clients in sales tax audits in USA. We focus on the protection of our clients’ business, assets and reputation from the false and bad impact of over payments, non-compliance as well as repeated state audits. We provide affordable sales tax audit services in USA that are customized and tailored on the basis of the specific needs of individual client. Be a regular visitor of our Blog to get the latest news in the taxation & accounting services department in United States.





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