State By State Figures For Economic Impact Payments; The U.S. Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued the details of state by state figures for Economic Impact Payments for the first four weeks of program. As per the details, nearly 130 million individuals received their Economic Impact Payments worth almost $200 billion by May 8, 2020. The IRS says that more of the Economic Impact Payments are continuing to be delivered each week but as of May 8, the IRS issued $130 million payments to taxpayers across the United States. You can view the data of state by state figures for Economic Impact Payments issued by the IRS in the program’s first four weeks. The agency expects to deliver around $150 million as Economic Impact Payments.

The IRS launched ‘Get My Payment’ online application tool to deliver fast Economic Impact Payments to non-filers in USA. As the IRS and Treasury, more than 150 million Economic Impact Payments will be delivered throughout United States. Not only this, Economic Impact Payments will be sent to those individuals also who do not typically file a tax return. Moreover, the individuals who filed a tax return in 2018 or 2019 will receive automatic Economic Impact Payments. Other individuals who will receive automatic Economic Impact Payments include recipients of Social Security retirement, survivor or disability benefits (SSDI), Railroad Retirement benefits, as well as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Veterans Affairs beneficiaries who did not file a tax return in 2018 or 2019.

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2 weeks ago, we acknowledged our readers that over 88 million Americans received Economic Impact Payments in their bank accounts and a week ago the number increased to 140 Millions. The speed of delivering Economic Impact Payments across the nation is a proof of U.S. government commitment during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Commissioner at Internal Revenue Service, Mr. Chuck Rettig, shared words on the robust working of IRS and other related agencies in USA to deliver fast Economic Impact Payments to the individuals. He said,

We are working hard to continue delivering these payments to Americans who need them. The vast majority of payments have been delivered in record time, and millions more are on the way every week. We encourage people to visit for the latest information, FAQs and updates on the payments.

State By State Figures for Economic Impact Payments as of May 8, 2020

We are presenting a data for state by state figures for Economic Impact Payments issued by the IRS. It must be noted that the following tables represents Economic Impact Payments as of May 8, total by states:

Economic Impact Payments, totals by State



postal code

Number of Economic Impact Payments

Total Amount of Economic Impact Payments

Alabama AL 1,996,007 $3,428,443,628
Alaska AK 277,432 $486,006,748
Arkansas AR 1,216,253 $2,128,987,406
Arizona AZ 2,734,978 $4,712,311,770
California CA 13,564,730 $22,465,995,771
Colorado CO 2,141,841 $3,618,352,193
Connecticut CT 1,325,813 $2,162,539,412
Delaware DE 385,599 $646,913,592
District of Columbia DC 252,095 $349,400,662
Florida FL 9,169,713 $15,173,922,832
Georgia GA 4,069,403 $6,937,057,497
Hawaii HI 542,426 $923,960,321
Iowa IA 1,230,814 $2,212,426,465
Idaho ID 672,496 $1,255,712,382
Illinois IL 4,844,140 $8,169,566,380
Indiana IN 2,742,791 $4,855,661,708
Kansas KS 1,098,473 $1,980,223,913
Kentucky KY 1,878,814 $3,282,818,708
Louisiana LA 1,877,721 $3,180,135,799
Maine ME 594,555 $1,005,363,003
Maryland MD 2,186,404 $3,575,993,478
Massachusetts MA 2,503,206 $4,008,005,049
Michigan MI 4,081,884 $7,045,417,642
Minnesota MN 2,124,142 $3,714,368,466
Missouri MO 2,482,825 $4,337,599,739
Mississippi MS 1,225,834 $2,086,932,244
Montana MT 433,767 $759,469,674
Nebraska NE 743,803 $1,349,417,300
Nevada NV 1,279,890 $2,131,071,471
New Hampshire NH 560,833 $941,099,188
New Jersey NJ 3,208,179 $5,287,240,934
New Mexico NM 851,449 $1,442,523,522
New York NY 7,737,476 $12,523,017,409
North Carolina NC 4,076,334 $6,985,338,563
North Dakota ND 287,210 $510,578,907
Ohio OH 4,916,174 $8,322,111,961
Oklahoma OK 1,556,747 $2,777,598,152
Oregon OR 1,658,586 $2,782,872,801
Pennsylvania PA 5,215,824 $8,821,284,132
Rhode Island RI 446,941 $725,567,957
South Carolina SC 2,060,588 $3,522,197,950
South Dakota SD 343,860 $625,042,408
Tennessee TN 2,881,709 $4,980,110,718
Texas TX 10,728,541 $18,796,209,760
Utah UT 1,075,546 $2,091,334,753
Vermont VT 267,295 $450,251,509
Virginia VA 3,196,178 $5,456,000,257
Washington WA 2,856,962 $4,875,983,730
West Virginia WV 784,111 $1,363,560,122
Wisconsin WI 2,307,675 $4,025,320,018
Wyoming WY 225,830 $407,690,034
Foreign addresses 595,548 $977,830,929

If you are an eligible individual to receive Economic Impact Payment but you did not received it yet, then click here to check status of your pending Economic Impact Payment. If you need any further Economic Impact Payments help, you can contact our remote tax assistance during coronavirus. Have you received your Economic Impact Payment? Share your experience with us about state by state figures in the comments section.





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