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Tax Preparation

We provide dedicated Tax preparation services with reliability and affordability. We are situated in New York, USA. Black Ink is Taxation Service Providers with exclusive accounting and taxes preparation services.


Payroll Services

Black Ink has best solutions for payroll. We can make things possible for providing Business Payroll Solutions to your organization. Our payroll expert will work with dedication and give you the best business decision.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is the most crucial part of business as well as for individuals. Let Black Ink help you to plan it efficiently and effectively giving you the confidence to achieve your goals. Black ink will help you to plan your lifestyle from today through retirement, spending and cash flows.


Quickbooks Services

QuickBooks Services are basically buildup for accounting purposes. Either the business is small or bigger, it improvises various accounting solutions with all the data research in one go. Black Ink is a leading QuickBooks pro advisory firm.


Bookkeeping Services

We provide full charge bookkeeping services for small and medium-size companies. Giving correct books no matter where you are situated in the whole world. We are fully professional and expert in accounting services like bookkeeping.


Business Advisory

In order to run a successful business, you must have an effective plan. Black Ink will help you to develop a business plan. the customized business plan will include ideas and cost-effective solutions to achieve your business goals covering all legal and regulatory aspects.

Retirement Advisory Services

Your retirement plans are very important for you and you have to plan it from today. Black Ink will help you to plan it in a manner giving you best return on your retirement and the life after retirement.


Tax Planning Services

It’s a well said that if you are failing to plan, that means you are planning to fail. To taste the fruit of your hard work and investment, you must plan before you start. Get our professional tax planning services and stay relax while we  plan tax for you.

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Emerging as one of the Top Notch & Leading Accounting Services Provider in USA

Financial Systems in the world of digitalization is easy and understandable as compared to times of early ages. These systems are built in a way, where solutions are catered on the basis of accuracy and transparency. Since the demand for outsourcing the accounting services in public and private sector is increasing rapidly in NY, USA.

  • We lead our customers with all accounting services with an ease of comfort along with Zero Error Productivity.

What makes Bitaccounting stand out in leading Accounting Services in NY?

Have you ever wonder if your Bookkeeping, Payroll, and QuickBooks are all maintained to file your taxes, but still you get a rejection? It’s just because you did it at your own where a bulk of other responsibilities were lying upon you and you missed any updates.

  • No Worries, we understand your situation and bringing up our most demanded and cultivated solutions for all of your problems.
  • With a team of qualified chartered accountants and financial strategists, we deal with our proficient services that help the businesses with our accounting services to sustain and expand.

Affordable Accounting Services in NY, USA for all Public and Private Firms & Businesses

Whether your business is small or big, public or private, whether you running the business from years or a young entrepreneur; we provide accounting services to all our clients regardless of the size or nature of the business:

  • Our accounting experts devote their services to a verity of options while considering the requirement of each as an individual.
  • Being the leading accounting service provider in New York, we accommodate our customers at a very affordable cost, we are almost everywhere in US.
  • Considering the Legislative changes annually to any personal incurring, we assist our clients in their queries with free accounting consultation services in USA.