With very unfortunate stuff going out there in the world, the newly arrived pandemic, Coronavirus has lashed the entire globe on its knee. The break out of this virus has taken thousands of lives and still spreading at a rigorous pace. It started to spread in China due to bat eating in Wuhan and several other regions of China, the virus has taken over almost the entire world except for the countries from Africa. The entire to entire markets are closed due to this, and now the countries are focusing on complete lockdown, just like we see in movies. But this is not a movie, its a real tragedy that we are facing with our lives at risk. The vaccine path of coronavirus is still lost, and not even a single one could make it through.

The inception of Coronavirus (COVID 19)

So the beginning of Coronavirus is not new, the virus settled on earth back in the 70s, and the name was from then. The virus back in the 70s was not so striking and hazardous, as it remained for a few years and within a small region. The intersection here is that the Corno related virus kept coming from the same place and that is China. The reason behind their cultural habit of eating every specie. For the case of the corona outbreak, it was a bat. The recent outbreak is due to that.

Basically coronaviruses are series of zoonotic viruses. Zoonotic means these viruses are able to be transmitted from animals to humans. They cause illness in multitude. The illness doesn’t look that much, as the deadly virus looks, but it keeps going internally and spread wire in the jungle. The illness includes mild to severe cold, cough and immune problems. There are several other viruses that are zoonotic in nature and cause death like Swine flu. But why Coronavirus is deadliest of all. We will discuss it later.

WHO Declaration

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared it as pandemic with a new name, COVID-19. Due to its rampant pace of propagation, it is declared as pandemic rather than epidemic.


The virus looks similar to the common illness we face day to day, like cough, cold and immune problems. But if these remain contained in your body for more than 1.5 weeks, consult the doctor as soon as you can. If you appear to dry cough, short breathiness, high fever, and cough, then you are very much in the compartment of COVID symptoms and signs. In more severe cases, the infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and death.

The COVID-19 infection is spread from one person to others via droplets produced from the respiratory system of infected people, often during coughing or sneezing. According to current data, time from exposure to onset of symptoms is usually between two and 14 days, with an average of five days.

The aftermath of the Virus

The ongoing aftermath of the Virus is horrendous and dreadful. Thousands died, thousands in isolation and thousand God knows still have but they don’t know and wandering around. The virus is so lightning thin to guess. We may see the future of the aftermath would be more dangerous as there is no chance of vaccine induction in the next few months or so.

The aftermath of Coronavirus would result in a complete economic shutdown. The global economy would go into crisis as the toll of the affected persons would increase. The resources supply would be minimal and the demand would be much higher. As a result, turmoil would turn up because of the frustration of people.

Coronavirus: Economic Impact

As we witness the crisis, but the most important thing is that the fight against Covid – 19 is on at full pace. Chinese have successfully treated the patients with Corona, while other countries like Japan and Singapore are also doing well. Europe and the US, on the other hand, are only just awakening from their illusions of invulnerability. As a result, the epidemic is now raging across the west. Italy faced the worst Corona hit as the death toll numbers climbed up all of a sudden. And the pace isn’t slowing down, as the deaths are increasing with each passing day.

All these turmoil’s and crisis would surely hit the economy of the world. The digital economy would somehow climb up because of the home-based work, but the economy of Air aviation, subways, agriculture, sales, and accounting business would drench down the hole. All these turmoil’s and crisis would surely hit the economy of the world. The digital economy would somehow climb up because of the home-based work, but the economy of Air aviation, subways, agriculture, sales, and accounting business would drench down the hole.

Coronavirus: Impact on Bookkeeping services

The Bookkeeping itself would have gloomy results as a result of Corona striking the global economy. Besides this, transaction, rollback and payroll payment would decrease. Due to the high intensity of COVID – 19, The credit issues would appear. Paying debt late and making transaction faults would become more uniform. A bookkeeper must have to track record each and every cash flow and trace out the pinholes in the faulty system of accounting and taxation. Especially for the small business bookkeeping services provider. For sure, they are at risk much more.

Bottom Line

The bottom line and the concluding remarks tell us that this pandemic would likely spread further as the cure is still in pipeline and in the next few months, very few good things are coming but most of them are negative stuff we would be hearing in near future. The scarcities of basic necessity like most prominent monthly grocery would happen. So stock the pile of groceries enough that it would contain for the next few months. All this dearth would be due to the global economic crisis, the same we are witnessing, the more often and rampant we will see in the coming days. The global economy would collapse as there will be a dearth of transportation, income generation and other facilities.





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