The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recommends all small, medium and commercial scale business owners to e-file their payroll taxes in the United State of America. 31st October 2019 is the payroll quarterly returns due date, as announced by the Internal Revenue Service, therefore, the agency also urges meanwhile all business owners in USA to file their payroll quarterly returns by electronic medium. This recommendation by the IRS is made so that the business holders can take full advantage of convenience, speed and record-keeping facility by filing their payroll taxes electronically in the United States. IRS strongly recommends the benefits of Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) to the taxpayers so that they can become complaint to the IRS.

IRS Benefits of e-Filing Returns & EFTPS:

  • According to Internal Revenue Service agency, the list of forms that are used for reporting employment tax information include IRS Forms 940, 941, 943, 944 or 945. The IRS strongly recommends business owners for the electronic filing, or e-filing, of these payroll quarterly returns. We take care of this strong recommendation and provide the most accurate & reliable payroll quarterly returns e-filing service in USA to our valuable clients.
  • E-filing of payroll quarterly taxes in based on a step wise procedure that performs calculations and arranges schedules as well as forms to save time of taxpayers in USA. Once the filing of payroll quarterly returns is submitted by e-fling, the information get quickly available to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that is the major reason of time affectivity.
  • The most accurate and convenient method to file your payroll quarterly returns is e-filing of payroll taxes. The other advantages to e-file your quarterly returns include notifications and alerts regarding any missing information in the process of filing. The accuracy of e-filing payroll quarterly tax returns reduces the possibility of any error, thus minimizes the chances of an IRS penalty or audit notice to the taxpayer. If you have received a notice from IRS, we provide best IRS representation services in USA to our clients as reasonable prices.
  • It is the top priority of the IRS to safeguard the seriousness and security of all information for the e-filing of payroll quarterly returns. IRS is so concerned about e-file security standards and assures the protections of all tax information from security breaches. It is also necessary for all authorized IRS e-file providers that they ensure the IRS about the access of only authorized users for information security purpose.
  • Furthermore, the IRS acknowledges and generates the receipt of e-filed quarterly tax returns within 24 hours of filing. The information regarding the tax return is retained by the IRS so that the filer or tax professional can have access to it at any time of the day. The filer is also assured that the IRS has received the tax return and it has not been lost or misplaced. This opportunity can only be availed if you are e-filing your tax returns, rather than filing on paper via mail.

How to E-File Payroll Quarterly Returns:

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides two methods for the taxpayers in United States to electronically file their payroll quarterly returns 2019. These methods include self-filing of electronic payroll returns or hiring an outsourced payroll tax filing service in USA. We are providing a little detail of each option for our readers:

1.      Self-Filing Of Quarterly Returns Electronically:

  • Business owners in USA purchase a payroll tax filing software that is also approved by the IRS. To purchase IRS-approved tax filing software, a list of vendors of IRS-approved software are available that offer different options on the basis of relevant tax year.
  • To electronically file your payroll quarterly returns, a fee is required to be paid by business owners.
  • And to initiate working of e-filing of returns, the tax software requires a signature. The signature can be generated by two options. First one is that the taxpayers apply for an online signature PIN. The other option is that the taxpayer scan and then attach Form 8453-EMP, Employment Tax Declaration for an IRS e-file Return for self e-filing of quarterly returns.

2.      Outsourced E-Filing Of Payroll Quarterly Returns:

  • If you have not prepared for your quarterly returns, you can book an appointment with Black Ink for the complete payroll quarterly returns filing service throughout United States.
  • Whether you are in New York or New Jersey, we can help you to e-file payroll quarterly returns in USA with accuracy to keep you complaint with the Internal Revenue Service of USA.

If you need additional help regarding e-fling of payroll quarterly returns in the United States, you can contact us to get the consultancy. Check our latest update on IRS notification for ITIN renewal before 2019 to avoid any delay in your tax returns.





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