The Great Gatsby is one of the crunchiest and fascinating movies I have ever seen. With the cast of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, who would dislike it. A cinematic masterpiece for sure. The movie sparks eye-opening lessons. And our favorite character in the film and the book Nick, we would discuss in this article how does nick describe himself at the beginning of the book and what’s his role in the film. The book and the film do not differ too much.

The Great Gatsby How it is related?

So you would probably be thinking why are we discussing the Great Gatsby in this domain. I would infer that the Great Gatsby is surely not related to accounting and finance but the things that spill out of the movie at the end and in the middle are somehow making a connection to our certain domain. So we would a very quick review of it, and by the end, you will be getting a holistic idea of why we adopted this book.

The Great Gatsby deduces three things that are the most important factors of our life. They are the intent to earn money or power of money, true love and depicting the stereotypes of our society that is the dominance of the man over the woman. The novel keeps riddling our mind with a question that how much should we go to an extent of true love and desire? or is the boundless love a true one? and Is making money either by hook or crook is a good thing? So all these being described Jay Gatsby, who is a man of all negative things you have heard of.

Like he has got the history of crime, to achieve his love who is Daisy, he did everything he could to earn money. George Wilson, a man with strong feelings of love and compassion for his wife Myrtle, later conflicted with the realization of her affair and the aftermath of her decease. Lastly, Tom Buchanan, a wealthy man filled head-heavy with self-pride and dominance that thinks too little on the concept of love and disregards his woman due to sexism. However, when stripped of his relationships, becomes aggressive when unable to fulfill his sexual desire. When all three stories coincide, F. Scott Fitzgerald beautifully determines the fate of each with suspense at every turn of a page, providing an enjoyable yet disturbing journey for any skilled reader.

How does Nick describe himself at the beginning of the book

So Nick’s character in the novel seems to have a wisdom and tolerance factor in him as described by him. He keeps his exhorts to himself and also try to not get a chance to confront negative opinions. The reserve factor in him gives people a chance to backbite him. Nick has its own sayings. He thinks that people are always ready to accuse him of being a boss-mindset or a communist mindset. That he keeps his things to himself. Also, people accuse him of being a “Politician”. Nick begins the story by telling us that he does not pass judgment on people.






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