IRS Tax Benefits for Military Members; The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued its updated & newly-revised tax guide to explain tax benefits for the members of military in the United States. With the revised tax guide for U.S. military personnel, many special tax benefits are now available under the law for the members of the military by the IRS.

IRS New Tax Guide for Military Members:

Any member of the military now can get benefit from the Publication 3, Armed Forces’ Tax Guide by the IRS to file their returns with special tips and benefits. Reservists and the National Guard are also included in the armed forces members who can get tax benefit from this new IRS publication. The good news that whether they are stationed in the U.S. or abroad, they can qualify to avail the armed forces tax benefits by the IRS.

Benefits for Armed Forces in New Tax Guide:

  • Armed forces reservists can deduct their reservist-related travel expenses, no matter they itemize their deductions or not. This provision is allowed in the free publication for armed forces by the IRS apart from other benefits.
  • Active-duty members of the military can also get the benefit of the moving expense deduction in connection with a change of station, as per new tax guide.
  • Those military members who are serving in a combat zone can also get special benefits, according to the tax publication for armed forces.
  • For determination of IRA contribution limit of combat zone members, the full or partial exclusion of combat pay along with special rules are involved in their tax benefits.
  • Special rules for estimation of the Earned Income Tax Credit for low- and moderate-income workers and families are also covered in this publication.
  • The tax guide also details regarding the extended deadlines available for filing returns, paying taxes and claiming refunds from the IRS.

If you need any further help regarding IRS tax laws for armed forces in USA, you can contact Black Ink representative. We are always ready to help you in preparing your returns accurately as per the IRS latest guidelines and protocols. So that was all you need to know about IRS Tax Benefits for Military Members.





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