Improved Retirement Planning; The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has updated two comprehensive IRA publications that can help the taxpayers in a better planning of retirement in the United States. With this update in the IRA publications, anyone making IRA contributions or receiving IRA distributions for tax year 2019 or considering making retirement donations before April 15, 2020 can get ultimate help in a better retirement planning. The IRS also increased 401(k) Contributions & Benefits Limit on Retirement Plans in 2020. With this further updates, it is obvious that the agency is taking initiatives for a better retirement in the United States.

Contributions to a traditional or Roth IRA can be made by most of the U.S. taxpayers who work. Contributions to a traditional IRA are typically tax deductible and distributions are usually taxable. Conversely, contributions to a Roth IRA plan are not tax deductible, other than qualified distributions that are tax-free. Taxpayers are allowed by the IRS for making contributions until April 15, 2020, and count them on their 2019 tax returns. For more details on how the updated & latest IRA publications can help in better retirement planning, check the complete post below:

Updated IRA Publications For Improved Retirement Planning:

  • The IRS updates 2019 editions of Publication 590-A, Contributions to Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs)and Publication 590-B, Distributions from Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs). These IRA publications are all-inclusive with unique features of both Roth and traditional IRAs to facilitate enhanced retirement planning in USA.
  • In the IRA Publication 590-A, the rules for contributing to an IRA are explained with comprehensive worksheets and well-illustrating examples. This publication can help taxpayers to accurately figure the contribution and deduction limits in the approved manner. Other help topics that are included in Publication 590-A cover trustee-to-trustee transfers, rollovers and what to do if too much is contributed to an IRA.
  • In the IRA Publication 590-B, the methods and procedures to correctly and accurately figure required minimum distributions (RMDs) from traditional IRAs are explained. In the year 2019, the RMD rules in general apply to any person born prior to July 1, 1949. Those individuals who turned 70½ during 2019 can opt to wait until April 1, 2020, for taking their first RMD. Furthermore, various worksheets and examples are also incorporated in the publication to help in the calculation. Qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) are also discussed to explain how these can be utilized toward an RMD. The publication also covers situations for those individuals who take money out of an IRA before reaching 59½ and explain them that where the 10% tax on early distributions do and do not apply.
  • Legislation enacted in December made several changes affecting IRAs and other retirement plans for those specific individuals who are planning retirement ahead for 2020 and future years. According to one change, those individuals who born after June 30, 1949 are generally allowed o wait until they turn 72 to begin taking distributions from their traditional IRAs. According to another change, those individuals who are 70½ or older can make contributions to the traditional IRAs.

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