Outsourcing a Bookkeeping company, Black Ink Tax and Accounting Services is a reputed firm based in New York. We provide accounting services of UN-compromised standards. Bookkeeping is our expertise. We have a team of professional bookkeepers in NY State who are ever ready to serve you.

Why you should Outsource your Bookkeeping?

We know that bookkeeping is a technical process and we are well trained to carry out this business. Get rid of this responsibility and let us serve you in the best way possible. Outsourcing bookkeeping brings you a multitude of benefits such as:

  • Save money

You might save a huge amount of money if you outsource your bookkeeping services. Let masters do your bookkeeping in New York and you wont need employees to handle it. So lesser the employees, better the savings.

  • Manages time

When you choose an outside party to complete your bookkeeping tasks? Your employees can invest their time in other activities that will bring success to the firm at large.

  • Easier process

There is no doubt that outsourcing bookkeeping to the third party reduces the trouble of employee management, hiring difficulties whereas hiring outsiders on contracts and agreements is easier and less troublesome.

  • Stay Updated with the new trends

By hiring people outside the organization to complete, the job brings you close to the latest trends in the market and you get to know the new experts in this field.

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Why choose us for your Bookkeeping needs?

We ensure you that our Bookkeeping service providers will be responsible to carry out the daily records of your account transactions, bill payments, invoices, customer payments, and other financial details. Release the stress from your mind, as we make sure that you receive daily or weekly reports of all the incoming and outgoing finances of your organization.

Being one of the leading bookkeeping businesses in NY, our efficient bookkeepers also process your payroll and keep a track of payroll entries by date. These details could include employee’s taxes, total salaries and other payroll expenses.

Keeping timely records with business bookkeeping strategies will bring success to your business. Due to good and accurate records, the business owner knows of all the cash of the customers. The profit made by the business in the time span, and the financial status of the company. This will help the manager to make better decisions and work to improve the critical areas of the business.

What makes us different from other bookkeeping companies?

“Clear concepts lead to grand success”

Outsourcing a Bookkeeping company, we know the hardships one faces when processing account information and the headaches it brings along. At Black Ink Tax and Accounting Services, we have employees who have a clear understanding of their role and are well trained with all the technicalities that occur during the bookkeeping process, therefore, they complete your Bookkeeping tasks with ease, which reflects their passion and professional attitude towards work. Our pocket-friendly prices are planned to suit your budget and we believe in building good customer relations for the long run!

Write us to look after your services and get the burden off your head. We also provide other business services and can guide you in advising better business decisions in USA.





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